Epilepsy Action Australia

Epilepsy Action Australia

Around 800,000 Australians experience the unpredictable and often debilitating effect of epilepsy. Meeting their needs is the principle aim of national not-for-profit organisation.

Epilepsy Action Australia for the past 62 years. Epilepsy Action Australia delivers innovative services that increase epilepsy awareness, understanding, knowledge and skills to assist people with epilepsy across Australia to optimise their life outcomes.

Paul Wade, former Captain of the Australian Socceroos and motivational speaker is an ambassador of this celebrity event. Paul talks candidly of the challenges he has faced living with epilepsy and how he has overcome them.

We are so grateful to be recipients of funds from this event, without support like this from the community Epilepsy Action Australia would not be able to continue to provide the vital and often life saving education and support services to children and adults across the country living with epilepsy.

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